Thursday, November 28, 2013

How I feel about blogging

First of all! I'd finished my term 1 exam! Weeeee I've been enjoying my holidays since monday 1pm (that time when my chemistry paper ends) ^_^
I watch running man, The Heirs.I play 神魔之塔, asphalt 8. I think I'll be living my life like this for the beginning of my holidays as hang out plans haven't started.
So what I feel about blogging.....Hmmm I think its fun but I know nothing about blogskins, blog templates (??), blog widgets (??) etc. I discovered many Singaporean bloggers.Their blogs are really beautiful and updated.They are xiaxue, naomi neo, peishi (the ones I'd read their blog before)
I would like to have a nice blog but I think I'm too busy on my studies, I don't have time to update it every week. And I use my phone to blog lol (I'm too lazy to move to my desktop) Although I'm annoyed about the fact that I can't insert pictures between paragraphs using my phone, I just want to blog whenever I want, I'm not taking it seriously. [ I'll share some photos under this post :)  ]
It depends whether someday I'll invest my time on blogging.
Maybe in the future eh?

Pic#1 The Heirs starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye *claps claps* *screams* They both look real good and I loveee the storyline of the drama

Pic#2 A book. Okay I think its artistic.

I'll sign off here! Byeeee!!! (wonder when will my next post be..hmm)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Suddenly feel like......

Ok I thought I would never blog again but today I suddenly feel like doing it ~!
So here's what I have been doing recently.....that is STUDY....oh gosh because I will be having my trial exam after the raya holiday! Which is.....there! saw that photo below???? (countdown widget zzzz)
I downloaded Xtreme alarm clock to force me up from bed by solving maths question to dismiss the blaring alarm
(pretty clever app developer huh.....)
And do you notice that 疯狂猜成语 app? Well I downloaded the answers so that I am not stucked on difficult levels......yay
It is a fun app to play to cure boredom after have to guess a 成语 read as cheng yu (idiom in english) by looking at picture with hints ^_^

That's all for today see you again~! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hi blogger!

It has been ages since I've written in my blog, my last post was posted at 17/11/2009...
I've grown up alot more since then and technology allows me to write in blog with my smartphone, thats a huge change in 4 years ~
Imagine back in 2009, nobody uses samsung, many people uses Sony Ericsson (opting out western countries) and there's no Andriod at all
Now, samsung is taking over the world, Sony Ericsson does not exist anymore and Apple is simply the biggest challenge for all electronic brands
Well im working out with the layout so my blog would be quite simple by now...The layout seems so just give me some time ok?

#origami swan represents hope

what do I actually hope for?